Organizing for the Holidays Begins Now

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them come parties, get-togethers, and family gatherings. All of these things, although a beautiful part of our lives, can be very stressful at times. Preparing in the fall can allow you to enjoy all aspects that lead up to the holidays.

Here are some tips for a less stressful and more enjoyable Holiday season.

  • Make a “to do” list  – This takes the remembering out of remembering. Use a notebook or a smartphone app like “todoist”. Include your need to do’s and your always wanted to do’s. Prioritize and break projects down into palatable chunks.
  • Keep a running “how can I help” list for those who ask  – Isn’t it funny how we have so many lists, but when someone asks if they can help you can’t think of anything? Leave a list handy for appetizers, or small bouquets, or things that others can help with.
  • Keep tabs on your gifts: Keeping a list of those who you choose to gift is very important! When you have bought a gift keep tabs on what you have purchased for that person. Buying and forgetting what you’ve gotten (or if you’ve gotten) can be very time consuming and frustrating.
  • De-clutter now and rearrange. Prepare those linen closets, Go through that coat closet, and go through all decorations. Throw out stained, broken decorations. Donate not liked or unused items.
  • Use your calendar! Pencil in all parties, work events, travel plans and school events. Mark in shopping and prep days, and don’t forget a few rest days as well.
  • Hire a housekeeper. Getting your home clean now and keeping it clean gives you time for your every day chores and those holiday projects.  It also gives you that extra time for spontaneous events. The togetherness that happens at this time of year with friends and family are the events that create memories.
  • Set deadlines  – Although it sounds stressful, deadlines can be very freeing. Leaving things until the last minute can be hard on everyone. Remember: we have to spend the same time on our projects whether we are stressed out at the last moment, or we have time to enjoy them.
  • Identify what you enjoy and what stresses you out and try to eliminate or minimize what your least favorite tasks are.

Try something new this year! With the help of these few tips your holiday season can be turned into a less exhausting and more blissful time of year!

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